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Since 2015, Candle Pit Stop has been delivering creative, fun and superbly fragrant candles and services around town.  Our awesome scented candles will guarantee a great fragrant throw in your space while maintaining a clean and soot free burn for the environment. Our candles have a purpose too - Delivering a conservation message whenever our candles are purchased via " Light of Life '.

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Interested to carry our products and do your part in the conservation of Malaysia's wildlife?

we want you

Contact us here and be one of our distributor retailers for our candles. Our candles are part of Candle Pit Stop long term social enterprise commitment to provide part of our sales to contribute towards the conservation of Malaysia's wildlife. Each of our candles are part of the Light Of Life drive. 

What do you get as a distributor retailer for our products?

We will dedicate one page in our website where your company / outlet will be listed for our customers to visit and purchase. As we solely operate via online, your closest location will be selected as pick up if a customer chooses to self collect. What a great way to attract more traffic for your business!

What kind of business is perfect as a distributor for Candle Pit Stop candles?

You may not be into candles, we get that! But business is all about your customers and creating the extra service your customers can enjoy, relate and experience. Candles are always used. Both men and women. Young and old. So there isn't a specific category you need to be in as a distributor. You just need to have the same goals as us. 

Do these candles have a shelf life?

Nope! As long you have their lid on when not in use. And follow our handling and care instructions on how to store our candles. Candles only get better as time passes. 

I am afraid to keep stock or throw them away if nobody buys them.

We don't just treat you as a distributor. We treat you as part of our team to help us all grow. We will have ongoing activities, social media postings, mentions and visitations to help boost your business location to the mass. And we don't charge! Pss: We have never threw away any of our blurp candles. We love using it for ourselves or as pretty gifts. Plus, you would have already contributed greatly to the Light of Life cause by being part of our distributor. The animals can only thank you for that!

How many candles do I need to sell?

You will be surprised at how easy it is to instantly display and sell our candles. All at a very low stock inventory. That is how we can assist you to keep your candle fragrance choice constantly new and changing for your customers to get interested.

I am interested. How do I find out more?

Contact us here and one of our friendly team members will get to you very soon.If not , immediately.