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LIGHT OF LIFE by Candle Pit Stop is our close to heart initiative where every of our candle sold has a purpose behind it. Every year, we choose an initiative to donate a percentage of our anual sales to help give voice to those that don't have one. We find nature conservation organizations within Malaysia that align with our vision to achieve one common goal:

" To preserve nature via their causes of research and initiatives in wildlife preservation and rehabilitation."

Our company may be small, but we believe in tiny and impactful steps to pave the way to be examples of a sustainable and eco concious driven company and brand. Join us in an aligned belief that we can do so much more when we stand united.

Since Light Of Life was formed in 2017, we have succesfully led two initiatives, ie:

- Adopt a Turtle Nest at Pulau Selingan, Sabah , Malaysia

- Adopt a Sun Bear at Borneon Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Sabah, Malaysia


"Save our turtles! Adopt a nest programme" Together with Sabah Wildlife Park at Pulau Selingan, Sabah, Malaysia. Candle Pit Stop sponsors these adorable green and hawsbill turtle nests through our initiative at Light Of Life. Find out more about their conservation work here

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2022 Betung Photo (3)2022 Betung Adoption Certificate - Candle Pit StopBSBCC Betung Photo (2)

Meet "Betung". She is a Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) . It is a species in the family Ursidae occurring in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia

MEANING OF NAME: Named after the village she was rescued from.

It touched our heart that Betung had to overcome so much as a little baby bear cub. Betung was found by a villager’s dog in an orchard at Kampung Betung, Ranau district in April 2020. The villager claimed that she was wandering alone and was a very tiny cub with no teeth during the rescue. She was previously kept as a house pet in a chicken wire mesh cage and was fed with Lactogen milk powder only - she lacked sufficient nutrients for her growth and development. Rangers from Borneon Sun Bear Conservatory Centre (BSBCC) came to her rescue and sheltered her in their conservatory centre while nursing her back to health

Candle Pit Stop adopted her in year 2022. We have watched her grow from a skinny bear cub to a energetic and healthy young adult bear. Her journey reminds us to be resilient, positive and happy always. By adopting Betung with our initiative from Light Of Life, Betung can be guaranteed a better life with good care from the team of BSBCC , quality food and training to rehabilitate her back into the wild, and importantly to sustain the continuous research required by the BSBCC in their fight to save these Sun Bears from extinction. Read more about Betung's journey here 

If you would like to collaborate with us to achieve a good cause, we are happy to get into contact with you, be it an organization, event, as a corporate or retailer.

Because of you, every candle light now gives nature a brighter hope! #LightOfLife

Contact : sales@candlepitstop.com

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