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Floral - Set of 3 Minis

RM 120.00

Product Description

Scent Inspiration Inspired by fresh bouquet of flowers , spring time and fresh fields of wild florals
Scent description
Orchid & HoneysuckleA sweet floral with hints of honeysuckle, dashed with full blooms of orchid for a beautiful full garland of floral bouquet scent 
White Jasmine & MyrrhCurated for the romantic. Jasmine lends a hint of a soft velvety perfumery note with myrrh providing a warm earthy note. A very deep sensual floral note. 
Peony & White MuskWhite musk adds freshness to this scent as a freshly bloomed peony emits whiffs of a soft floral bouquet .   

Fresh bouquet scents that last forever.   

Perfect as a good travel size, these 100g candles are just the perfect gift or to try our natural triple scented candles. 


We use biodegradable, eco-friendly card boxes with minimal dye prints so you can upcycle or recycle them easily. Each box will be filled with dye free paper fillers to ensure your candles aren't damaged. Support eco-friendly packaging today.


Burn Time: Approximately 28 hrs each. Total burn hours of 84 hours!

Wick: Cotton

Size of candle: 6.5cm Height x 6cm Diameter

Formula: Clean burning, Triple scented

Wax: Plant wax

Size of box: 185mm x 70mm x 63mm

Box fits 3 pieces of 100g candle.