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WAXBITZ Instant Candle Kit

RM 65.00

Create gorgeous colourful candles at home. You do not require any other candle making equipment except empty HEAT RESISTANT glass jars. This NO MELT candle kit consists of :

  • 5 different colour WAXBITZ in 60g (random colours of Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, White, Brown, Yellow or Cream).
  • 4 x lead free cotton wicks. 
  • 1 x wood stick
  • 2 x glass jars
  • 2 x candle safety precaution labels. 
  • Bonus: 2 sticker labels

Your creativity is limitless. Reuse your old jar. Just Pour, Wick it and Light it! Create layered candles, swirls or multi colour candles for your home or a gift.

Makes 2 qty of 100g candles. 

Burn hours: Approximately 25 hrs

WAXBITZ is Toxic free and safe for children. Made from 100% vegetable wax. 

Note: WAXBITZ are made from tiny vegetable wax beads that can spill before lighting up. Please keep away from your children and pets. Once lighted, WAXBITZ will melt like any other candle.