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Christmas Scented Memories

Christmas Scented Memories

Christmas isn't a season, it is a feeling

"For every year since 2017, one limited edition Christmas scent is curated from Candle Pit Stop and released. Every scent created was to relive the memories of this joyous occasion and what struck a cord with me. The first ever scent I created was "Merry Berry" in 2017. I would not call it a success. lol. It was my on and off venture into scent curation and the candle making world. I remember as a child, I always imagined winter wonderland parks lined with mistletoe berry bushes popping up bright red against freshly fallen snow. I imagined it would smell perfectly like sweet berries with hints of sugary plum and bubblegum like nuance as children played snow ball fighting , laughing away. 

Then in 2018, I released "Candy Cane". The ever popular candy stick every child associated with the Christmastide. It was peppermint infused with drops of honey aroma. Lighting it up next to my Christmas tree brought back floods of memory of me as a child eyeing that "hard to get!" candy cane in Santa's bag of goodies . The twinkle of fairy lights made it all the more magical and tempting!

In 2019, I took to creating a much more recent experience of me  as an adult being in wintery Christmas markets held in countries like Switzerland and Germany. It was the whiffs of the warm aroma of mulled wine that filled the air. The cozy scent of apples brewing together with hints of cinnamon and cloves made this scent my all time favourite ever since. It was also one of the first real experience of me being in the actual feel of Christmas and it is a memory that is hard to forget. 

Come this 2020, it took me some time to figure out my inspiration. This year needed those moments of reconnecting with our feelings and loved ones more then ever. And while travelling was mostly out of the question, it was all the more important to have a scent evoking feelings of warmth, love, family, huddles, snuggles and laughter being together at peace. Things that mattered most to the heart. I call it "Cashmere Glow". A warm note of cinnamon and orange infused with underlying crimson vanilla. 

I hope this scents brings you joy and fills your home with warmth and love this coming season of Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021!

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