Scents & Love - Why they are connected.

Dear Candlenistas,

This month is about Valentine’s Day, one of my favourite times of the year because I get to see many different couples trying to woo and surprise each other creatively. So many ways to keep the flame alive – the question is, how do you make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable experience for your special someone? When you are working at home or in the office, or looking after children, romance can be quite hard to navigate on Valentine’s Day. 

Researchers have long confirmed that scents can help seduce your partner and put you both in the mood for sensual love. Whether candles, oils or perfume, scents can heighten your romance and passion for each other. That also works for any of your partner’s favourite home-cooked dishes. You know what they say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” -- so even if the entire house smells like mutton varuval, that’s a SCENT of LOVE!

Image Source: The Smitsonian 

Scents have been used in ancient medicine and perfumerie because of their associations with religion, beauty and love. The Greeks believed wearing a nice fragrance was pleasing to the gods and also to attract their favoured loved ones; Cleopatra the Egyptian queen liberally used rose petals to improve her physical attractiveness to Mark Anthony. Even when scents were used for medicine and healing during the 17th to 19th centuries, many people also turned to perfumes to boost their charms.

Smell can stimulate the brain as it is one of our most powerful senses associated with memory, nostalgia and self-esteem – when we think about our loved ones, their fragrances and body scent come to our mind.

Since Valentine’s Day is about rekindling love and passion, what better than to use particular scents you ramp up the heat....

How do you know which scent can set you on romantic fire? Here are a few recommended smells:

·       Jasmine & Myrrh can be a good starter scent for creating a romantic feel.

·       Sage can enhance the mood for sensual romance.

·       Best scents to excite men: Orchid, White Floral, Vanilla

·       Top scents to seduce your woman: Warm spice, Amber, Musk.

One simple way to include these wonderful smells on Valentine’s Day is using fragranced candles; their amber glow is the best for diffusing the scent. With the soft flicker of the flame, the candles can create a more inviting and warm ambiance. Choosing the right candle scent especially on this day of love can help set up the mood, help you relax and focus on each other.

I hope this adds on to a new list of scents to look out for when searching for love, wherever you may be. And hey,  if you do run out of ideas, a meal at a banana leaf rice restaurant might just hit the spot!

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