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Shedding Light on Candles I Blogpost By Candle Pit Stop

Shedding Light on Candles I Blogpost By Candle Pit Stop

We’re sure whenever you go to the supermarket to do your grocery shopping, you come face-to-face with so many different brands of just one thing on your list. How do you know which is better, more nutritious, reliable or attractive and yet they look all about the same? The many choices sometimes make us feel confused or unsure which one to buy.

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A great tip is to read the labels of food packaging to find out what ingredients are in the food or drink product you are about to buy. Packaging can also be a helpful strategy – what is it made out from, did the company include single-use plastic to wrap each item individually and so on.

It’s the same when we’re shopping for candles especially when we want to do our part in saving the environment.

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Not all candles are the same. You might be surprised to know some candles are made from different types of waxes that come from different oils, which can give a wide range of outputs such as scent retaining (can keep fragrances for a longer time), soot amount (the less or even none, the better), and burning capacity/speed (burn slowly over time).

Today, let’s explore the various eco-friendly waxes and the components used in making your favourite candles:

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Soy Wax

  • Regarded as more environmentally-friendly and natural
  • Made from soybean oil
  • Has the longest burning time
  • Produces less soot
  • Softer and more delicate (on your nose).


  • The oldest type of wax known in history dating back to Egyptian times
  • All-naturally derived from bees
  • Delicious natural honey aroma
  • Produces no soot and smoke
  • Can help purify the air (and your skin).

Coconut wax

  • Organically processed from coconuts
  • Creamy white in colour
  • Has a fantastic scent
  • Can burn for a long time.

Cotton wicks

  • Made from braided cotton strands
  • Since its natural compound is cotton, no toxins are released into air
  • Produces a steady flame when lit
  • Can be used in outdoor settings.

Recyclable Jars

  • Recycle or upcycle them to help save the environment in a more conscious way. You can reuse this jar to hold tea-light candles, to store tiny knick-knacks or dry herbs, or simply recycle them at the recycling centre.

What about us? At CPS, we take great care what goes into our products and how we package them. Since Earth Day was celebrated in April - we also took the opportunity to make some eco-friendly improvements to our packaging. Since 22nd April, we did away with the metal tin cover. We replaced them with scented eco-friendly paper which you can easily upcycle to line your drawers, wardrobe or… purse! (Scent of candles + cash, wouldn’t that be interesting?)


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This is just our little initiative to reduce our carbon footprint on the world: #CPSUpcycle

Tiny changes in what we buy and consume in our daily routine, can make an enormous impact on our lives, our community and our only home – Planet Earth.

We hope these bits of info on candle waxes and their packaging will spark some ideas on how to shop smart and sustainably!


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