Why watermelon makes the best summer scent!

Dearest Candlenistas,

Summer is here and this is the first year that travels for most countries have resumed back to normal. We are all excited and can't wait to pack our bags to vacay at some remote beach, or to be with family once again.

This is also the time of the year that the sun is fully out, people are buzzing around in flip flops ,sunny hats and kids are taking a dip in the pool or lakes! Summer is vibrant, fun and full of life!

So what makes summer more special? WATERMELON!

Why? Put aside the fact that this juicy fruit is in abundance during the whole of the summer period, biting into one juicy watermelon is enough to quench your thirst on a hot summer day! 

The fruit is high in water content, contains a good load of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and may even help to boost heart health, decrease muscle soreness and inflamation (but I just feel because it tastes sooo yummy, your body just feels so hydrated and energized after eating it).


How do you serve a watermelon usually? It's best placed in a fridge for several hours and eaten cold. Cut it into wedges or cubes. It could be added into a summer salad, fruit bowl or made into a smoothie drink!The natural sweetness of a watermelon is more green than floral sweet. This refreshing scent makes it one of the best scent to have on a hot summer day.

To replicate a watermelon scent, a few different notes are blended in. As it is categorised under fruity scent, floral sweet is not usually detected in this fragrance. The sweetness usually comes from a combination between strawberry, peach and hint of vanilla. This fragrance is also very refreshing. And goes well with other blended "grassy" notes or citrus notes. We love how we combined the fresh green note of our cucumber peels to bring out the green flavour that you smell when you cut into a fresh watermelon fruit. 

This fragrance blend is so popular, it has been widely used from body creams to luxury perfumes. For candles, the scent gives out a summer vibe, reminding you of sunny days lazing by the pool, quenching your mind and body with it's sweet fresh notes all day long! I love to have one lighted up. It makes my day so uplifting . Even if I don't travel, and I work from the comfort of my home, I still feel like I am on #vacaymode already :D

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